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Bing Bing Ball Parkour introduction

"Bing Bing Ball Parkour"is a casual game with simple style and simple operation. There is an endless runway in the game, and there are various obstacles in the runway, such as ice cones, thorns, runners and so on. You need to avoid all obstacles. If you touch any one, the game will fail. The ice hockey is safe only if you don't touch anything on the board. The ice hockey runs forward at a fixed speed. Click on the screen to change the running position (for example, start on the upper side, click on the screen and move forward to the lower side at a certain speed). There will be some props in the game, such as the five-pointed star, the magnet, and so on. Eating a five-pointed star can add one to the point. Eating a magnet can attract all the five-pointed stars in a certain range. In the game, you need to observe the distribution of obstacles and pentagrams in front, and switch the forward position reasonably to run farther and get higher scores. If you like easy, bright and challenging games, this game is perfect for you, just download the game and join us!

If you have any questions or suggestions on the game, you can send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible, thank you!

Technical support

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